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NEC Introduces Smart Telehealth Solution

| May 12, 2015


Telecare partnership brings together an innovative Physician-developed solution and the longest standing provider of healthcare enterprise communications solutions

IRVING, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–NEC Corporation of America (NEC), a leading technology integrator of advanced networking, IT biometrics and communications solutions, today announced Telecare, powered by CareClix™. NEC Telecare is a comprehensive enterprise-focused continuum of telehealth services that delivers smart technology options which enable organizations to execute practical, scalable and measurable end-to-end telehealth-programs. This innovative portfolio empowers users with the most optimal workflow features that improves patient access and simplifies the care delivery process.


“Using NEC’s Telecare, enterprise healthcare organizations now have all the components necessary to implement a successful, revenue generating telehealth program.”

NEC partnered with CareClix™ to infuse their software-centric, cloud-based solution into the extensive and large installed enterprise healthcare communications base of NEC. “NEC’s market dominance in IT Communications and Networking both in the United States and Global Markets will only expand CareClix Telemedicine’s unique, integrated model of Telehealth delivery. We are excited at this collaboration of IT infrastructure, sales distribution, and telemedicine technologies, and we are confident that the NEC-CareClix Telemedicine solution will be unprecedented in it’s seamless integration, robust telemedicine solutions, and award-winning IT support,” stated CareClix CoFounder, Sunil Budhrani, MD, MPH.

With interoperability at the core of the solution, NEC Telecare enables enterprise organizations to drive toward realized accountable care while considering consumer health delivery. NEC’s healthcare provider customers benefit by being able to deploy strategic telehealth programs in an iterative and modular fashion to best suit their organizational, demographic, geographic and population healthcare management needs. This model works not only for the healthcare industry, but also can apply in other verticals such as education, government, travel and retail markets.

Key benefits of NEC’s Telecare solution include the following:

  • Partnership with Physician Led CareClix™
  • Provides all the components necessary to implement a successful, cost effective and revenue generating program
  • Software-Centric, Platform-Agnostic
  • Scalable and modular with efficiency, flexibility and cost in mind
    • CareClix Software
    • CareClix Exam Carts
    • CareClix @Home
  • Designed for Interoperability- integrates into organizations portals (EHR, PHR, Scheduling, etc)
  • Integrated link to national, regional laboratories and pharmacies
  • Full HL7 integration and superior security
  • Training, technical, and best practices support
  • Offers a unique software-bridge solution to connect to existing cart investments

Future releases of the solution will include utilizing NEC’s award winning facial recognition biometrics to securely access telecare via smart phones, tablets, PC’s and NEC communication platforms.

“NEC has a long history of success in the healthcare industry. We leveraged that and sought input from leading physicians to partner with CareClix™ for a telehealth solution offering with advancements previously not available,” said Larry Levenberg, vice president, NEC Corporation of America. “Using NEC’s Telecare, enterprise healthcare organizations now have all the components necessary to implement a successful, revenue generating telehealth program.”

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