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Deutsche Telekom launches “Cloud of Things”

| March 18, 2015


Deutsche Telekom launches “Cloud der Dinge” (Cloud of Things) for Industry 4.0
In order to help big industry and medium-sized companies in their digitization strategies simply and without the need for large individual investment, Deutsche Telekom is launching two new cloud-based platforms. For corporations, the Group is presenting the “Connected Industry Platform” at the trade fair. “To start with, we only connected vehicles for the automotive industry. The new platform now allows our customers to connect all kinds of things easily,” explained Clemens. “So it is a platform for all industries.”

Former pilot projects are now in real operation – including port logistics in Hamburg, and the platform for a million connected vehicles. The latter is already a top export: Deutsche Telekom has established a joint venture with China Mobile on the connected car. In the world’s biggest automotive market, there are more than 140 million vehicles on the roads.

Hamburg’s port authority, SAP and Deutsche Telekom have just signed an agreement concerning the connection of container terminals with trucks. The improved logistics substantially increase the movement of goods at the port.

In order to make it easier for medium-sized companies to get on board with Industry 4.0, Deutsche Telekom is now offering the new “Industry 4.0” package. This makes it easy for small and medium-sized enterprises to connect machines and monitor their production worldwide. The package contains: hardware, SIM card and data rate plan, as well as access to the platform, all highly securely and from the Deutsche Telekom cloud. At CeBIT, Deutsche Telekom is providing interested machine manufacturers and equipment makers with free developer packages to try out scenarios. Companies that then want to take the next step will get three Industry 4.0 boxes free of charge, so they can test real integration at their company.

Connectivity: always in the best network with new digitization packages
At CeBIT, Deutsche Telekom is demonstrating five digitization packages specifically designed for SMEs: IP, Office, Hotspot Plug’n’Play, Industry 4.0 (see above) and MagentaEINS Business. They all address different needs of small and medium-sized companies and always use the best Deutsche Telekom network.

The Group presents the brand new Hotspot Plug’n’Play, which enables businesses to provide free Wi-Fi to their customers without any liability risk, allowing people to get straight online without having to log in. The hotspot provides two separate areas: one for the business and one for visitors. “This allows coffee shops, libraries or boutiques to offer a customer experience that makes a trip downtown more attractive to online enthusiasts,” said Clemens. The equally new MagentaEINS Business package now also offers business customers combined fixed network and mobile products and services, providing them with an IP and a mobile connection, as well as a cloud component. MagentaEINS for consumers was launched last year at IFA.

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