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NanoTag uses Vodafone M2M for Security Tracking

| December 28, 2014

Sydney-based NanoTag Technology, works with clients in the automotive, fashion and pharmaceutical sectors to fight counterfeiting and the rising menace of brand theft.

Business Need

VodaBlack Knight, by NanoTag Technology, is a small and simple global GPS tracking device. For the Black Knight devices to provide the meaningful tracker functionality it needed a global connectivity partner.


Black Knight uses Vodafone Global M2M SIMs to provide connectivity for its devices. Using a single supplier means Black Knight can manage the SIMs from one platform with price consistency for devices shipped anywhere in the world. Vodafone connectivity and the Global SIMs’ ability to roam to a secondary network, if needed, makes for a more robust tracking solution.

Business Benefits

  • Ensures global connectivity for the small and smart tracking device
  • Delivers price consistency with the ability to scale quickly, supporting global ambitions
  • Working with a single supplier, with the means to self-manage the portal, reduces management time and costs

You’ll be able to use Black Knight anywhere in the world. The Vodafone Global M2M SIM means it connects to satellites and telecommunication companies in over 200 countries without ever having to change to a local SIM card to connect.Ian Allen, Executive Chairman, NanoTag Technology

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