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Connected Car Market: Trends, Forecasts 2014-2024

| June 13, 2014


Reportlinker M2M Research Report

Reportlinker M2M Research Report

The Connected cars: worldwide trends, forecasts and strategies 2014–2024

In line with developments in the 'Internet of Things' space, the next step for embedded systems (in all sectors) is to add a connectivity and networking component. Connectivity in the automotive market will transform the in-vehicle experience for consumers. In this report, Analysys Mason forecasts and analyses the market for various types of connectivity in vehicles.

About this report

This report provides:

-a 10-year forecast of the percentage of new passenger-carrying road vehicles (cars) sold that include a connectivity solution, as well as the proportion of vehicles in use that have a connectivity solution
-key implications and recommendations for mobile network operators (MNOs)
-an in-depth analysis of trends in the automotive sector that will affect the growth of the connected car solution market
-an overview of key trends in the connected car sector.
-This report is based on several sources.
-Analysys Mason?s internal research, including our forecasts of M2M device connections, revenue and average revenue per connection (ARPC), and interviews with stakeholders in the connected car market.
-We have also validated our assumptions by comparing them with operator insights and discussions with key stakeholders in the automotive sector.

List of contents

6.Executive summary

7.The market for connectivity solutions in cars is growing

8.Almost half of all vehicles will have embedded connectivity by 2024, despite the long lifespan of modern vehicles

9.Key implications

10.Key implications for mobile operators


12.A number of connectivity options are being used to connect vehicles to mobile networks

13.Embedded connectivity will be driven by sales of new cars, robust M2M module form factors and advances in SIM-card technology

14.Fully embedded connectivity enables vehicle owners to avoid complex
set-up or device pairing processes, which could impair the user experience

15.Semi- and hybrid-embedded connectivity enables car owners to ‘bring your own SIM’ (BYOS)

16.Embedded connectivity enables the best radio experience and vehicle design innovations are affecting the in-vehicle performance of handsets

17.The percentage of vehicles with embedded connectivity will be almost six times greater in 2024 than in 2014, growing from 15% to 89%

18.Mobile device tethered connectivity will be driven by new propositions, such as Apple CarPlay, MirrorLink and Google’s Android Projected Mode

19.VMs will not rely exclusively on a single mobile device tethering platform, so as to cater to their large and diverse consumer base

20.Mobile device tethered connections will grow from 4.3 million in 2014 to 645 million in 2024, at a CAGR of 65%

21.Innovative aftermarket OEMs are taking advantage of the momentum in the connected car market and forming partnerships with MNOs

22.We expect the overall market for aftermarket modular connectivity solutions to be small because it will experience significant challenges

23.Additional regional insight on the prospects for aftermarket modular telematics solutions

24.Aftermarket UBI connections will peak at 56 million in 2019, before declining as support for UBI through embedded connectivity increases

25.Commercial vehicle fleet tracking connections will grow from 45 million in 2014 to 177 million in 2024, growing at a CAGR of 15%

26.Key trends

27.Semi-autonomous vehicles are only a decade away from becoming commonplace

28.In the long term, autonomous cars will be entertainment hubs and drive huge volumes of mobile data

29.LTE is the basis for new connectivity services in the car

30.Case study: EE has prioritised building out LTE coverage for the UK’s transportation network

31.Operators can climb the connected car value chain with cloud-connected services that offer anywhere, any-access multimedia and SaaS

32.M2M middleware cloud platform providers are developing solutions that enable operators to create value-added services for VMs and end users

33.Some operators are beginning to capitalise on opportunities in the connected home space, which is linked to the connected car market

34.It is uncertain how willing consumers will be to pay for connected car services

35.Operators could increase connected car revenue by tapping into the ‘big data’ opportunity, although ICT firms are better placed to do so

36.Regional insights

37.New car sales regional insight: forecasts for new vehicle sales and vehicles in use

38.New car sales regional insight: North America and Western Europe

39.New car sales regional insight: Central and Eastern Europe and Developed Asia–Pacific

40.New car sales regional insight: Emerging Asia–Pacific and Latin America

41.New car sales regional insight: the Middle East and North Africa
and Sub-Saharan Africa

42.Market definition

43.Definition of geographical regions [1]

44.Definition of geographical regions [2]

45.About the authors and Analysys Mason

46.About the authors

47.About Analysys Mason

48.Research from Analysys Mason

49.Consulting from Analysys Mason

List of figures

Figure 1:   Summary of report coverage

Figure 2:   Percentage of new cars sold that include a connectivity solution by type, worldwide, 2014, 2019, 2024

Figure 3:   Percentage of vehicles in use that include a connectivity solution, by solution type, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 4:   Summary of connectivity approaches for vehicle manufacturers

Figure 5:   The characteristics of fully embedded connectivity

Figure 6:   The characteristics of semi- and hybrid-embedded connectivity

Figure 7:   Percentage of new cars sold that include an embedded connectivity solution, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 8:   Cars in use that include an embedded connectivity solution, by region, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 9:   The characteristics of mobile device tethered connectivity

Figure 10:   Consortiums that support mobile device tethered connectivity for vehicles

Figure 11:   Percentage of new cars sold that include a mobile device tethered connectivity solution, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 12:   Cars in use that include a mobile device tethered connectivity solution, by region, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 13:   The characteristics of aftermarket modular connectivity

Figure 14:   Vehicles in use that include a usage-based insurance connectivity solution, by region, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 15:   Vehicles in use that include a fleet management telematics solution, by region, worldwide, 2014–2024

Figure 16:  The evolution of user-facing automotive technology

Figure 17:   Mobile data traffic year-on-year growth, by region, 2011–2012

Figure 18:  XchangE autonomous vehicle concept by Rinspeed

Figure 19:   Operational LTE networks by region, 2Q 2014

Figure 20:   EE case study

Figure 21:   Deutsche Telekom’s personalised in-vehicle content concept

Figure 22:   Profiles of M2M middleware cloud platforms for supporting connected car services

Figure 23:   Nest integration in Mercedes IVI

Figure 24:   Deutsche Telekom’s business model for connected car ‘big data’

Figure 25:   New car sales by region, worldwide, 2014 and 2024

Figure 26:   Cars in use by region, worldwide, 2014 and 2024

Figure 27:   Regional breakdown used in this report

Figure 28:   Regional breakdown used in this report

To order this report: The Connected cars: worldwide trends, forecasts and strategies 2014–2024–2024.html

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