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Top 10 Trends in M2M & Internet of Things in 2014

| January 20, 2014


Third Industrial revolution underway as IoT and M2M worlds blur

Boston, MA – January 15, 2014 –The Internet of Things and M2M technology are changing the world in which we live at a rapid pace: Open standards in the Internet of Things (IoT) are challenging closed platform approaches, while wearables and other consumer and lifestyle technology are opening up new ecosystems and opportunities, according to the new Strategy Analytics Machine-to-Machine Strategies (M2M) service report “The Top 10 Trends in M2M and the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2014”.

Among the topics covered, Strategy Analytics considers the following issues:

  • Will there be any standards at all in IoT and M2M in 2014 with the blurring of lines between IoT and more commercial approach of M2M players?
  • The third industrial revolution is underway, with Industrial giants like GE investing heavily in industrial automation tools, analytics and big data capabilities.
  • The advancements in networks, devices and applications and growth in lower cost, scalable processing and storage will facilitate this third industrial revolution.
  • The opportunity for service transformation via applications in tandem with connectivity platform development, lower cost devices and network evolution (such as LTE and other Bearer technologies) will exponentially increase the amount of data communicated by objects and will create new challenges and opportunities in the processing and storage of “big data”.
  • Open standards and OTT business models in IoT threaten to significantly disrupt the world of proprietary connected platforms in 2014 and beyond.
  • Major partnership opportunities exist with networking wearables and other consumer and lifestyle technology in the IoT as well as in areas such as health and wellness etc.
  • Security will be critical at both device endpoints and in the datacenter.


“The outlook for M2M and IoT in 2014 is hugely positive, but also more confusing than ever, as we see the robust industrial worlds of M2M and innovative, traditionally kick-starter-funded  worlds of IoT collide more than ever in 2014” said Andrew Brown, Executive Director of Enterprise and M2M research at Strategy Analytics and author of the study. “At the same time there has never been more interest, innovation and investment in this area, which is hugely positive”, he added.

“We are committed to covering the market of IoT and M2M in depth, and this report highlights the key things that companies need to know for 2014”, said David Kerr, SVP Global Wireless & Digital Consumer Practice, “Strategy Analytics’ experts across wireless operators and NetworksM2M, and Smart Homes are pleased to partner with GSMA at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on a series of workshops providing valuable analysis and insights into the key trends impacting the mobile market place.”

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