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KORE Announces LTE Availability across America

| October 8, 2013




High-bandwidth M2M Network Services to Support Growing Application Base in Medical, Industrial, Gaming and Marketing Industries

“M2M applications have a wide range of differing connectivity requirements and no one understands the intricacies of this market better than KORE”

Emerging M2M applications across a number of industries now require high-bandwidth connectivity to efficiently deliver cost-saving and value-added services to customers. Industries as diverse as residential and commercial security, healthcare, business continuity, digital signage and vending are all realizing the benefits of connected devices and M2M applications. For instance, LTE network services empower M2M advertising applications such as custom digital signage, healthcare and security based applications with streaming, real-time video and enhanced services such as facial recognition technology.

“M2M applications have a wide range of differing connectivity requirements and no one understands the intricacies of this market better than KORE,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE. “By delivering LTE services on the leading GSM networks in North America, we are delivering high-bandwidth, low latency services for emerging applications in health management, security and industrial processes. KORE is providing the industry’s broadest spectrum of connectivity options, from LTE, 3G and 2G cellular services to global satellite services. We continue to listen closely to our customers to deliver the highly reliable service and support required to drive their business, and the businesses of their customers, forward.”

KORE LTE network services and connected devices are managed directly through the KORE PRiSMPro™ business management platform. This single interface harmonizes all technologies and network services KORE provides and empowers customers to manage and control all aspects of global network usage, including devices residing on multiple network technologies and bandwidths, from GSM to CDMA to satellite.


KORE LTE 4G network services are available immediately with the same built-in redundancy and fail-over best practices delivered with all KORE network services.

About KORE

KORE is the world’s largest wireless network provider specializing exclusively on the rapidly expanding global machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Providing unified control and management for cellular and satellite network service delivery in more than 180 countries worldwide, KORE empowers its application, hardware and wireless operator partners to efficiently deliver M2M solutions for connected devices across the globe. M2M applications in industries as diverse as healthcare, utilities, enterprise IT, transaction processing and fleet management rely on the KORE network to deliver operational efficiencies and cost-savings. KORE offers a range of technologies — including GSM, HSPA, LTE, CDMA and EV-DO, as well as satellite services — that ensure the greatest possible reliability and coverage. For more information, please




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