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TASL launches telematics solutions for B2B & Retail

| October 7, 2013



CHENNAI: Chennai-based TVS group’s aftermarket car service solution company TVS Automobile Solutions (TASL), owner of the MyTVS brand, is coming out with a series of telematics solutions in the retail space which were till now available only for B2B fleet operators and transportation companies. According to top company officials, TASL is offering a series of GPS tracking systems which can not only help individual car owners navigate a route, be tracked for security and breakdown purposes but also offer anti-theft solutions.”Our telematics GPS tracking system allows the central console to track the car and offer necessary support service,” said Sanjay K Nigam, president, TASL. “The customer can opt for an annual membership or go in for the device for a shorter period. The device is not only great for those who like driving holidays for instance, it is also a good anti-theft option because it provides both tracking facilities as well as an immobiliser,” he added.

Currently being used by B2B fleet operators and insurance companies, this GPS devise will see retail launch in a month. “The individual client will then need to put in an initial deposit of around Rs 15,000-20,000 and then pay a daily usage cost,” said Nigam. “Once you return the device, you get the deposit back.”

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