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Etisalat launches M2M Control Center in UAE

| August 13, 2013




London /Dubai – M2M Magazine NewsDesk: Etisalat today launched the  M2M Control Center in UAE. With Etisalat’s M2M Control Center you can now manage your connected M2M deployments with complete ease and control. Our hosted and secure platform delivers authentication and real time usage and management of your M2M connected devices.

It empowers you to take control over your own business processes with a robust set of self-service tools, so your operations are more efficient and profitable. It delivers a powerful automation engine, so you can scale operations while driving value to the bottom line. It also gives you the depth of intelligence you need to respond in real time to market conditions and to customers.

Choose Etisalat M2M Control Center, and in addition to gaining global visibility into all your SIMs, you will get powerful:


  • Intelligence

    Etisalat M2M Control Center provides your business with a unique, real-time view of how your devices are connected and using the Etisalat network. This powerful feature allows you to analyze and control how your devices work in the field and respond immediately to market conditions and customers’ needs.

  • Gain strategic insights

    Etisalat M2M Control Center puts everything from data utilization and costs to performance and provisioning status at your fingertips. Get to see important usage trends, identify profitable customers, which devices are the most costly, and whether your devices are working as expected in the field and much more with our comprehensive platform.

  • Troubleshoot problems instantly with Real-time diagnostics

    Run detailed diagnostics on any device, online and in real-time, whether it is using Etisalat network or roaming internationally. Check provisioning status, see connection session history and view real-time connectivity status instantly; allowing you to immediately identify connectivity issues and resolve them quickly.

  • Automation and visibility

    Streamline your business processes and scale faster using a powerful automation engine to automatically control your connected devices. Monitor SIMs, usage, rate plans, or other elements of your connected device business and trigger automated actions to run when critical events occur.

  • Program rules…without programming

    Etisalat M2M Control Center provides customers with a user-friendly interface, allowing your business to set custom rules with complete ease. Decide how you want your business to run and let the platform do the rest, instantly.
    It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3:
    1 – Monitor SIM behavior or other events
    2 – Decide what condition will trigger the rule
    3 – Set an action to run automatically when that condition is met

  • Quick integration with your own applications

    Manage your business operations efficiently and control devices directly from your own applications by using standards-based API calls to access data in the Etisalat M2M Control Center. From day one, you will be able to use your own applications to monitor usage, send messages to devices, assign rate plans, get invoice data, and more.

  • Empowerment

    Tailor the Etisalat M2M Control Center platform to your specific business model. Set logistics requirements, define custom commercial terms, and even enable distributors and customers to manage connected devices depending on your business needs. Drive efficiency and profitability with advanced, yet easy-to-use, self-service capabilities.

  • Control costs

    Start with a no-touch activation experience – automatically activating your devices on the network as soon as your end users or installers switch them on in the field. Then utilize automated overage controls, notifications, and rules to control costs once your devices are in use. Eliminate manual efforts and use the automation engine in the Etisalat M2M Control Center to save time and money.

  • Choose commercial and global flexibility

    Reach new markets quickly and easily by choosing a global platform by selecting the best rate plans that suit your business. Whether you want to set high or low usage that varies by geography and type of data traffic or enables trial services and push offers to end users; it’s your choice. M2M Control Center ensures that your rate plans, distribution and operational logistics work to suit your needs.



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