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Bosch rolls out M2M device management software

| March 15, 2013

Bosch Software Innovation GmbH (Berlin) is well known for its business-process software products – some of which are used to supervise pipeline networks for major energy companies like Gazprom and E.ON. Bosch Software chose CeBIT 2013 to unveil a new, integrated software suite for what it calls the “Internet of Things & Services”.

IoTS suite includes new software for managing embedded devices, and integrates completely with the inubit software for process-level management and its Visual Rules software for higher-level management of quality, CRM, financial control and risk management. According to Bosch Software, the new integrated portfolio will allow enterprise customers to manage a range of devices (cellular, NFC, etc.) through a single platform, and includes alarm functions, trend analysis and remote device control. The company is targeting classic M2M markets like energy, telehealth and transportation telematics, as well as industrial control.

Bosch Software is, of course, a division of massive engineering conglomerate Robert Bosch GmbH, which produces everything from automotive aftermarket parts to household appliances for around $70 billion in annual revenue. One might think the software group’s main clientele is among its sister company divisions, but that’s apparently not the case, “We have been a leading software provider for the European energy sector, which is where we built out our modules for business-process management,” says Dirk Slama, the company’s director for portfolio strategy and Product management.

That the software group has risen internally within the larger Bosch group is surely a testament to the importance of M2M in the company’s strategic thinking. “We have about 550 employees and that makes us a tiny player in the Bosch family of companies, but we now report directly to CEO Volkmar Denner, which is rather unusual, so it’s clear that the Internet of Things is central to the future of Bosch moving forward,” says Slama.


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