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Beecham Research Identifies Shift in M2M Adoption

| November 5, 2012


Oracle-commissioned research suggests a move towards embracing M2M as a means for developing new revenue streams. Security and enterprise integration top list of solution priorities.

CAMBRIDGE, United Kingdom–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Beecham Research, a leading industry analyst firm covering the Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications/Internet-of-Things (IoT) marketplace, today released key findings from its latest research, commissioned by Oracle, investigating solution requirements across the M2M value chain worldwide over the next few years and titled “Designing an M2M Platform for the Connected World.”

“Cheaper, more powerful devices and low cost mobile network connectivity are driving an explosion in the number of connected devices and data generated by them”

The research found that M2M data from remotely located assets and devices in the field is increasingly being used more broadly for strategic purposes and value creation throughout the enterprise. It has also become a means for creating new market opportunities while providing a competitive advantage for enterprise users in their own key markets. The research is based on a qualitative survey involving in-depth interviews with prominent M2M solution providers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions, each providing their expert views on M2M solution requirements and trends across their customer base and live projects. This research was then backed by previously conducted quantitative surveys involving broader samples of M2M adopters. In addition to revealing a significant shift in M2M market drivers, the report identifies security and IT integration as the top two priorities for implementation of new M2M applications.

“Cheaper, more powerful devices and low cost mobile network connectivity are driving an explosion in the number of connected devices and data generated by them,” said Chris Baker, senior vice president ISV, OEM and Java Sales, Oracle Alliances & Channels. “This research shows a shift in focus towards extracting value from that data and capitalizing on new business models which are enabled by the pervasion of connected devices. Beecham’s insightful analysis clearly identifies key areas where Oracle’s end-to-end M2M platform offers significant advantages for M2M solutions moving forward.”

“This research has identified two clear underlying trends in the rapidly developing M2M market. On the one hand, increasing integration of M2M data with IT systems and more strategic use of M2M data throughout the enterprise. On the other, the emergence of mass data requirements involving cross-sector service opportunities for largely consumer-related markets,” said Robin Duke-Woolley, founder and CEO of Beecham Research. “From this we envisage not only significant new M2M platform opportunities, but also the emergence of new business models that will help to create new markets – an area of particular focus for Beecham Research. The M2M/IoT market is just changing into a higher gear.”

About Beecham Research

Beecham Research Ltd. Is a leading technology market research, analysis and consulting firm based in Cambridge UK and Boston US. The company specializes in analysing and researching the worldwide M2M/Internet of Things market, which we have been researching for over a decade, since 2001. Our clients include major network operators, hardware/software and infrastructure vendors, distributors/resellers, solution providers and technology adopters. Our research methods include extensive survey work worldwide in multiple languages and are based on strong technical knowledge. Recent research has included two market-leading studies on M2M Cloud-based platforms and a worldwide study of the Satellite M2M market for the European Space Agency. Visit for more information.


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