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Vodafone takes top spot in 2012 M2M Study

| January 19, 2012

Vodafone takes top spot in 2012 M2M CSP Benchmarking StudyMachina Research is a telecoms research and consulting firm focusing principally on the emerging opportunity associated with new forms of connected wireless device. The traditional cellphone market in most regions is saturated and mobile network operators (MNOs) and vendors alike are focusing significant attention on connecting other devices, including PCs, consumer electronics devices, cars, utility meters and various medical devices (as illustrated in the chart below).

Machina Research’s M2M market segmentation

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding these newly emerging market opportunities, including which business models will dominate, which technology solutions are most appropriate and which sectors will drive demand. If your company is a mobile network operator, device vendor, infrastructure vendor, service provider or potential end user in the M2M, IoT or mobile broadband space, Machina Research can provide you with the strategic insight and tools essential to maximise your opportunity from these rapidly emerging markets. © Machina Research Limited, 2011
There are two main routes through which we support our clients:

  • Machina Research Advisory Service – An annual subscription which gives access to our multi-client reports, research notes, strategy briefings and direct access to our analysts. It also gives access to our complete Connected Intelligence forecast database, which is a highly granular forecast of the emerging opportunity in M2M across 13 sectors and 54 countries. For details of reports and subscription advisory services see the Advisory Service section of our website.
  • Custom Research and Consulting – Many clients will require a more tailored approach than that provided by the multi-client reports, providing insight and analysis specific to their requirements. This might include anything from white papers and further segmented market forecasting through to a full strategic review of all aspects of a telco or vendors positioning and opportunities in the M2M, IoT and Mobile Broadband markets. For more detail, see the Custom Research and Consulting section of our website.







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