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Tekelec Enables M2M with Numerex

| April 30, 2011

CTIA WIRELESS — Tekelec has launched a new machine-to-machine service enablement solution that will support the scalability expected in this space over the next several years. Tekelec also entered into a co-marketing agreement with Numerex Corp to bring a combined solution to market.Numerex is a single-source provider of secure M2M products and services including an M2M service platform, embedded and integrated devices, and service expertise. 

Tekelec’s new intelligent M2M solution combines multiple network functions such as device data management, policy management, its Diameter Signaling Router and analysis tools to prioritize and manage devices and applications and analyze M2M service performance.

As wireless sensors and chips become embedded in millions of machines, such as electricity meters, cars and home appliances, M2M is expected to grow exponentially.

The solution integrates the subscriber and device data management system to provision and manage profile, location, and usage information for millions of devices in real time. It also ensures device security, identity and address management, and has open application interfaces to enable Web services.

It uses policy management to apply different qualities of service to different machines and implement flexible service plans based on transactions, connections, time of day, location, applications, or data usage. The Diameter Signaling Router will scale the M2M network’s policy, charging, authentication and mobility management information and enable roaming and service portability.

Tekelec has added new analytics capability through its performance intelligence center to analyze M2M services and network performance to identify trends, diagnose problems, ensure service level agreements and optimize device and service performance. And its messaging services provide alerts and notifications based on real-time events and secure message storage and forwarding.

Operators can profitably manage an M2M ecosystem with variable traffic volatility, transaction volumes, connection frequencies and quality of service requirements.

The solution is intended for more than household appliances. It will support smart cars and cities as well as smart homes and enterprises. Kitty Weldon, principal analyst at Current Analysis, said service providers will be able to offer tiered services for different device types with unique classes of service, bundle multiple devices in a single subscription, and collect and analyze data that can be useful to enterprise customers.

“Tekelec’s M2M service enablement solution provides the intelligent controls to accelerate these new business models,” Weldon said.

Joanne Steinberg, director of strategic marketing for Tekelec, said that operators have a real advantage where the enterprise and consumers come together.

The joint solution from Tekelec and Numerex will combine Numerex’s M2M service platforms; embedded and integrated devices; and M2M service expertise, with Tekelec’s M2M service enablement solution including Subscriber Data Management, Policy and Session Management, Mobile Messaging, and Performance Intelligence Center.

It is designed to help service providers provision and manage millions of connected devices and applications; integrate the network with M2M devices and vertical market applications; customize service and pricing plans for different M2M applications based on quality of service, device and application usage, location, or time of day; and monitor network, device, and application performance to improve services.

Mike Lang, executive vice president of business development at Numerex, said the company works with a strong team of partners that can enhance and expand Numerex’s offerings. “Tekelec understands the complexities of the M2M space and brings an innovative network and device intelligence layer that allows service providers to manage and monetize the explosive growth in M2M services,” he said.


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