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KORE Announces Global M2M Wireless Services

| April 30, 2011

World’s Largest Specialized M2M Communications Provider Introduces KORE Global Connect™ Integrated Worldwide M2M Cellular and Iridium Satellite Network Services

INTERNATIONAL CTIA WIRELESS 2011—March 22, 2011KORE Telematics, the world’s largest wireless services provider specializing in machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, today announced the global expansion of its M2M network, featuring enhanced cellular data network services complemented by truly global satellite delivery for connected devices. Through relationships with leading multi-national cellular and satellite partners, Vodafone Group (LSE: VOD) and Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: IRDM), KORE M2M network services are now available in more than 170 countries, with a single point for billing, support, logistics and relationship management.

In addition to ubiquitous availability across North America, KORE global services now include natively provisioned, M2M connectivity with zoned tariffs covering Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia, the Middle East and Latin America. KORE Global Connect provides optimal service delivery marrying the advantages of central control yet delivering localized rating and service management. A single SIM can be activated and provisioned from virtually any location. Unlike other providers who rely upon complex, limiting and often expensive international roaming agreements to provide limited international M2M services, KORE provides Tier-1, in-country network connectivity with optimized GSM, CDMA and satellite services for reliable and affordable coverage around the world.

“The global adoption of M2M applications requires uninterrupted, reliable data communications regardless of geographic location. KORE now makes this global connectivity simple and cost-effective,” said Alex Brisbourne, president and COO, KORE Telematics. “Whether tracking cargo or receiving critical medical data from a traveling patient, our application partners and their customers will benefit from ubiquitous wireless coverage around the world where and when they need it. KORE continues to build on its powerful M2M communications platform, empowering organizations with a single interface for monitoring and managing connected devices across the globe.”

The KORE global network supports IP data communications, SMS and ‘short burst data’ satellite network services. When coupled with the PRiSMPro network and business management platform, KORE provides a single view and centralized management capabilities of all devices throughout the world, with the ability to manage inventory, provisioning, activation/deactivation, rate plans, technical support and much more from this single high-availability service platform.

Making this into a seamless service delivery has meant intensive development with existing, and new, carrier partners including Vodafone Group and Iridium. “Multinational companies are looking for simple and efficient ways of rolling out and managing their M2M deployments,” said Erik Brenneis, head of M2M services for Vodafone. “The KORE solution is well placed to deliver an excellent customer experience through Vodafone’s high-performance international networks.”

“This new KORE solution simplifies the creation of M2M applications by bringing together the best of the terrestrial and satellite worlds in a seamless way,” said Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium. “Iridium is the natural choice as KORE’s customers need their devices to connect in places that extend beyond cellular networks. Iridium can provide them reliable, near real-time, low-cost, two-way data services everywhere.”

The complexities and frustrations of managing multiple relationships – and the associated costs – have been a significant barrier for many organizations. With KORE Global Connect, users have completely harmonized services, from data session management to billing and service visibility to technical resolution. This is all delivered to users across the KORE geo-dispersed high-availability network and platform services.

KORE Global Connect Highlights

  • Optimized GSM and CDMA cellular connectivity for M2M users — locally, nationally or globally
  • Single GSM SIM option with native connectivity delivers M2M network services in more than 170 countries worldwide
  • Best-of-breed low-latency satellite connectivity featuring full redundancy on the only truly global satellite network
  • Management of all devices with real-time network visibility and consolidation of all services and billing with one single management interface — PRiSMPro — available via API or secure Web portal
  • Logical, zoned service for setting coverage areas while optimizing pricing and cost controls
  • Activate services on demand: no contract and no minimum service period per device provides maximum flexibility for emerging applications
  • True global cellular and satellite connectivity from one partner, one call for support, single point for billing and one relationship to manage

KORE Telematics will be demonstrating its specialized global M2M network in booth #2067 atInternational CTIA WIRELESS 2011, taking place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla. from March 22-24, 2011.

About Kore Telematics
KORE Telematics is the world’s largest wireless network provider specializing exclusively on the rapidly expanding global machine-to-machine (M2M) communications market. Providing unified control and management for cellular network service delivery in more than 170 countries worldwide, KORE empowers its application, hardware and wireless operator partners to efficiently deliver M2M solutions for connected devices across the globe. M2M applications in industries as diverse as healthcare, utilities, enterprise IT, transaction processing and fleet management rely on the KORE network to deliver operational efficiencies and cost-savings. KORE offers a range of technologies — including GSM, HSPA, CDMA and EV-DO, as well as satellite services — that ensure the greatest possible reliability and coverage. For more information, please


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